PON (Passive Optical Networks) Theory Training Course

PON (Passive Optical Networks) Theory Training Course


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The theory element of PON is available now as ‘instructor led’ online with a separate course available in the future for ‘hands on’ work.

This course is ideal for PM’s, Directors, Estimators and Engineers who already have a good knowledge of Copper and Fibre structured cabling systems but who have not had any experience or exposure to passive optical networks (PON) including GPON and Firs. These cabling systems are becoming more prevalent now in Hotels, Student Accomodatation as well as Apartments, Healthcare and of course FTTH (with some exposure directly into the enterprise). Without an understanding of the way things ‘fit together’ it is not possible to accurately design or cost a project. This course will give both background and understanding.

The course is delivered remotely via Zoom. It  is available to be booked and completed immediately, from your home/remote office – all you will need is a computer, tablet or device to allow you to use Zoom. A pdf of the course notes will be given on the day.

Duration: Theory course will last approximately 3.5 hours. An online test (optional for certificate) is comprised of 30 questions which can be done up to 7 days afterwards .


A basic understanding of fibre optics is required to attend the course, either a Connectix Fibre Theory course or an alternate manufacturer/industry recognised course should have been attended in the past .


Course Overview


Passive Optical Networks are becoming more and more common after originally starting in the ‘fibre to the home’ arena.

The design criteria is much the same for Fibre IRS (Sat/TV over fibre) as well as GPON.

PON can and is being deployed in Hotels, Student Accomodation, Apartment Blocks, Hospitals and other large campus environments due to its space saving, power saving, cost saving and environmentally advantageous benefits.


The Connectix PON Course provides delegates with the theoretical knowledge needed to successfully deploy PON systems.

Coverage of typical LAN applications and their specific requirements will provide delegates with the confidence to specify the correct type of fibre and components for an intended application.

Features & Benefits:

  • Delegates get an understanding of the different ways of how to planning, installing and testing a PON system.
  • The differences between a ‘traditional’ structured cabling system and a PON will be understood.
  • Real life exercises showing how projects can be designed and installed and the Connectix products available to complete those.
  • Explanations of Firs (Sat/TV distribution over Fibre) and GPON , the key components, similarities and differences.
  • Certificate awarded for successful completion based on a test pass (optional).
  • Pre-requisite for offering Connectix warranties on PON systems
  • Ability to ask questions to the tutor during and after the course


 Course Description:

The Connectix PON Course is a 3.5 hour course with the following key elements (many more than this):

Introduction to Connectix

  • Background, history and activities


Course Introduction

  •  Housekeeping, Course materials, objectives, test information (optional)

 PON Theory

  • PON, POL and GPON what are they ?
  • Splitters, their role, maximum split ratios and their optional locations
  • Differences and advantages of PON over ‘traditional’ copper/fibre cabling
  • New components to consider, bend insensitive fibre, APC connectors, splitters
  • Fusion splice, connectorise, preterminate…which and where ?
  • OLT and ONT options (active components)
  • Importance of calculating loss budgets prior to design submission
  • Fibre IRS systems and the similarities/differences with GPON
  • Alternate cabling design options
  • Component and cable selection
  • What to test, methods of testing, ‘different’ test equipment (eg PON meter)
  • Testing overview, Why test? What to test?


Overall, the course aims to give the theory elements needed to understand what passive optical networks are about.

This course requires a basic prior knowledge of fibre optics (for example, the key parts of a fibre and the differences between multimode and singlemode and the idea of transmitting at certain wavelengths). The Connectix Fibre Part One Theory course is more than adequate but alternate knowledge is acceptable.

A further course will be available towards the end of the year which will focus on ‘hands on’ face to face training on both passive and active components (ie building a small network).

The course is run by a fully qualified Connectix Cabling Systems trainer who is well versed in PON installations and is constantly updated in line with the rapidly changing standards, technologies and terminologies.

Questions during the course are actively encouraged.