Warranty Details 

Warranty Details

Connectix provides a 25-year system warranty as standard on all installations completed by an Connectix Approved Installer.

The Connectix 25-year system warranty is only available with systems designed, installed, and tested by Connectix Approved Installers who hold a valid training certificate. Warranties are issued only after a review of test data, and at the sole discretion of the Connectix technical support team. All installers filing a warranty application must test all of the links that require the warranty.

Nb: Tester results must be submitted in the native format of the tester used (eg .flw for fluke). PDF results, although useful are not adequate for issuing a warranty.

All warranty applications are processed online and are typically processed within ten working days. To apply for the Connectix 25-year warranty, please click on the link below to complete the form.

  • Features of the Connectix 25 Year Warranty

    • Covers all copper and fibre optic systems installed by Connectix Approved Installers.
    • Registered sites are covered by 25-year application warranty.
    • All warranties are issued to the latest published standards.
    • Application warranty. For example, Category 6A warranties assure support of all applications current and designed to operate at up to 500MHZ.