Introducing UFO Our first discreet fibre system

Superfast. Discreet. Affordable.

UFO (Unseen fibre optics) is a discreet optical fibre cabling system designed for fast and simple installation with minimal in-building disruption.

The UFO range of discreet distribution terminals, and ultra slim midspan cables enable seamless, hassle free installation throughout homes and hallways.

Meet Pebble

Pebble is our unique Fibre Optic customer connection dispenser. Designed to blend into any environment with its soft curves and low profile.

Available with 25m 1-Fibre Bend insensitive 1.2mm cable LC or SC connection. Customised units also available upon request.

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Discretely Different

Available in 4 sizes, our series of Midspan boxes are designed to sit unobtrusively above the doorways of customer homes. Seamlessly connecting the vertical riser through to the customer connection box.

Each Midspan is available with LC or SC Simplex connection for 2-24 fibres.

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