Harsh Environment 

Harsh Environment

Connectix harsh environment solutions provide network designers options for ruggedised copper and optical fibre cabling systems, indoor/outdoor connectivity and enclosures (IP-rated). Designed to offer protection within industrial environments in mining, energy and utility, oil and gas, transportation, warehouse distribution and manufacturing infrastructures.

Harsh environment applications broaden from low operating temperatures caused by the weather, refrigeration devices for warehousing, transport and research and development laboratories. Water immersion is a problem for external connectivity and dust, dirt and debris effects mining, gas and oil applications. Yet technology is demanded in every day life, so the challenges facing designers is enhanced because the outside world is not so accommodating in comparison with the office local area network.

Connectix harsh environment solutions have been designed with installation in mind, giving quick and reliable installation for when engineers are wearing gloves, to product protection during deployment through ducts, manholes and up antennas.

Connectix also provides a project-by-project design service with fully trained mechanical and electrical engineers producing inbuilding and outdoor enclosures, consolidation boxes, distribution points, street cabinets and prebuilt systems for rapid deployment.

Connectix has developed products for simple weatherproof connectivity solutions with optical fibre, LTE, DAS, mobile cell tower, industrial and Fibre-to-the Antenna (FTTa); conforming to IP67 environment applications and meeting IEC60603-7 interface standards.

Connectix can offer a range inter-locking IP68 copper systems with water immersion and dust protection, operation temperature use from -40OC - +70 OC and chemical resistance, offering true protection and ease of installation.

Our Track Record

Connectix has manufactured outdoor enclosures used from the industry’s leading mobile and broadband service providers, housing network connectivity securely and within areas fully exposed to the elements. Our cabling and connectivity solutions are installed within facilities in the hottest workable areas of Abu Dhabi deserts for gas and oil providers. Our mining solutions provide interconnectivity underground cabling for networks exposed to sulphur, potassium, magnesium, calcium and polyhalite minerals and wet and dry working conditions.

Connectix Harsh Environment Solutions

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