The Connectix Labelling System 

The Connectix Labelling System offers the opportunity to create bespoke designation labelling schemes for Connectix Cabling products with ease and low expense. The free of charge software runs on all recent versions of Windows, and allows the creation of simple and more complex numbering schemes.

Labels are available for all the products in the Connectix Cabling System range of panels and outlets. The labels are supplied on A4 sheets, manufactured by Sharpmark, and are of industry standard, suitable for all office laser printers.

Features & Benefits

  • Runs under all recent versions of Windows
  • Import graphics
  • All labels supplied on A4 sheets
  • Handles both basic and complex sequences with ease
  • Compatible with standard office laser printers
  • Packs come in sheets of 20 (variable number of labels per sheet)

Label TypeProductAdhesive
PL9Connectix 24 Way Patch Panels, 4 Way OutletsX
CL19Connectix Single Outlet
CL18Connectix 2 Way Outlet
PL30Connectix 50 Way Voice PanelX